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Why do brides carry bouquets

By Dinnia Means June 30, 2019

Wedding bouquets are an essential part of every wedding. Imagine seeing a bride walking down the aisle without a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in her hands?! It wouldn’t seem right, so every bride plans their wedding to ensure they have the best bouquet possible.

But, have you ever stopped and wondered why brides carry bouquets? Well, some of the original reasons may shock you just a little bit!

A Sign of New Beginnings

The Romans started a tradition of carrying flower bouquets as a way of signaling a new start for the bride and groom. Back in those days, flowers were a sign of fresh starts and new beginnings. So, it only made sense that they took center stage on a day that marks the start of a new life between two people!

To Banish Bad Spirits

Back in the Middle Ages, brides would carry flowers with them that were heavily scented with herbs and spices. The idea behind this was to banish any evil spirits, so the bride would have a happy marriage. If you weren’t carrying a bouquet, then you were putting your marriage at risk!

An Expression of Love

Fast forward to Victorian times, and we have wedding bouquets being used as an expression of love. In these days, it was customary for two couples to send each other flowers to show how much they loved one another. As such, flowers became a symbol of love. So, brides began picking their own flowers to form a special bouquet that expressed their love on their wedding day.

An Accessory to Your Wedding Outfit

These days, we don’t really choose bouquets for any other reason than to accessorize a wedding outfit. It’s become a crucial part of choosing your outfit on your wedding day; the bouquet must match your dress, and everything else. In fact, the right bouquet can bring your entire outfit together, making it look even more stunning than it already was.

So, flowers are now mainly chosen to help complement the bride on her wedding day. You tend to pick ones that fit your wedding dress style - along with the overall theme of your wedding. Different brides opt for different shaped flowers, ones of specific colors, and the aim is to create a bouquet that makes people turn their heads and take notice!

To Throw!

Another common reason a bride carries bouquet is to throw them to their wedding guests. This has become a great tradition in many parts of the world as it’s seen as good luck to catch the bride’s bouquet. In fact, many people believe catching the bouquet means you’re the next one to get married.

So, bouquets aren’t just carried for visual reasons, they also serve a practical purpose as part of the wedding celebrations as well!

Hopefully, this explains why brides carry bouquets. It was a tradition that began in ancient times, but the modern reason is mainly to help accessorize your wedding day. As such, it’s vital that all brides take a lot of time picking out the perfect bouquet to help their big day look even more beautiful. 

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