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What Are Sola Wood Flowers and Why Do They Make Great Bridal Bouquets?

By Dinnia Means September 02, 2019

What Are Sola Wood Flowers and Why Do They Make Great Bridal Bouquets?

What are sola wood flowers? Are they an option you should consider for your bridal bouquets? Learn more about these flower that never die.


If you're one of the 2.3 million American couples that are wed each year, you're probably looking for beautiful wedding decorations at an affordable price. After all, while your wedding needs to be a day to remember, it can get quite pricey, and you'll need some money for life during the marriage itself!

Your bridal bouquet is one of the most important pieces of the wedding decor that you'll be looking at pictures of years from now. Yet, it is also one of the most expensive accessories at your wedding and has the added disadvantage of shriveling up and dying shortly after the ceremony.

Luckily, sola wood flowers solve both of those problems! Here, we're going to teach you what sola wood is and how it's the perfect material for your wedding bouquet. Read on to learn why these are the most stunning accessory to walk down the aisle with!

So What Are They, Anyway?

Since the popularity of sola flowers has been rising only recently, it's possible that you haven't heard of them before. That means that before diving into why sola wood is the perfect bridal bouquet material, it's important to first learn what exactly it is. Read on to learn what sola is and how these gorgeous flowers are made!

What Is Sola Wood?

Sola wood usually comes from the root of the tapioca plant (which you know is good since it's the same place boba comes from). It can also be made from balsa tree bark. People shave the wood off the surface of the plant that they're creating the sola flowers from. The natural color of this newly-gotten material is ivory, which is perfect for a bride.

If you don't want a traditional white wedding, though, you can still use sola wood to make your bouquet! After the thin wood is obtained and crafted into floral shapes, it's possible to make it any color- or combination of colors- that you could dream of. Read on to learn how the flowers themselves are crafted!

How Are the Flowers Made?

Before coloring the sola wood if you so choose, it needs to be shaped into flowers. Since the shavings of wood are naturally thin, they're easy to work with.

Sola flowers are all handcrafted, so each one is made to perfection by a real artist! All these artists have to do is soften the wood up with steam or water. After that, they can shape the sola wood to look like any flower imaginable!

Creators can then get to painting the sola flowers that you will be carrying down the aisle. This is easy- all they need to do is carefully hold onto the base of the flower, make it moist by dipping it in lukewarm water, and paint it gently. Not too much work, and since the flowers are naturally white, any color will stick well.

What Styles are Out There?

Because sola flowers are crafted individually, the possibilities are limitless! Whatever kind of flower goes best with your wedding theme- roses, carnations, or even sunflowers- sola wood has you covered.

To see traditional flowers crafted into an elaborate and realistic sola bouquet, check out our Grace collection. These graceful flowers are sure to compliment your wedding decor and outfits perfectly. Plus, they're a great price!

Why Are They Awesome For Bridal Bouquets?

Okay, so now you know what sola flowers are and why they're awesome. Great! It's time to get into the nitty-gritty of why they're perfect specifically for your bridal bouquet. Read on to learn why sola flowers are the best thing to hold while exchanging vows.

They're Everlasting

One of the biggest issues that a lot of brides have with their bouquets is that, unlike their marriages, the flowers don't last forever. Sure, you can press them between the pages of a book, but it really isn't the same thing. 

Sola flowers are a great alternative to a traditional bouquet because they do last forever. As long as you take care of them, you can pull one of the actual flowers from your bridal bouquet out of the same box as your wedding pictures. This will definitely make your fiftieth anniversary nostalgic!

They're Romantic

When you choose sola flowers, you aren't sacrificing romance, either. Sola flowers can look so much like real roses and carnations that you can't tell the difference if that's what you want. But if you want an added unique flair, sola wood can provide you with that, too.

One really cool thing you can do with sola flowers is dyeing them a multitude of colors. Whatever hues your wedding accessories are and whatever vibe your venue gives off, you can get sola flowers that will look perfect with your wedding.

They're Affordable

Traditional bouquets can become incredibly pricey. When your bridal bouquet costs upward of $500, you may find yourself needing to sacrifice quality food or forced to cut guests. If you use sola flowers, though, this is unlikely to happen.

We sell sola wood bouquets at an incredibly affordable price. It's only $150 to get a full bouquet of traditional bridal flowers that you can carry down the aisle while in your matching white dress. Definitely an option to consider!

Here Comes the Bride!

Your wedding can be costly, sure, but it's also going to be magical. Weddings are a day to remember forever and each is their own story that's sure to last for an entire lifetime of love and happiness.

Now that you know why sola wood flowers are perfect for your wedding, it's time to buy some! Check out this page to look at and order one of our latest collections of sola wood flowers- the Stella Rose Bridal Bouquet.

Have fun making your special day perfect! Congratulations!

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