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Wedding Flower List: Complete Guide for All the Flowers You'll Need

By Dinnia Means January 20, 2020

Planning a wedding is serious work. One aspect that involves tedious planning is floral arrangements. Use our complete wedding flower list for easier planning.


Imagine walking through a beautiful garden with every flower in full bloom. Which flowers can you picture at your wedding: are the bold and trendy or simple and classic? Are they large and colorful or more minimal and neutral? Decided what to put on your wedding flower list doesn't have to be complicated — we're here to help!

If you aren't sure where to start, this list will help narrow down your flower options. That way, you can go to the florist feeling confident and sounding sure of what you want to make your special day the perfect day. We'll start with the basics or the top 7 most beautiful flowers for weddings.

1. Gardenias

Typically surrounded by waxy, dark green leaves, the beautiful gardenia sends out a strong and seductive scent. In fact, the intoxicating fragrance is what an English sea captain boating through South Africa in 1754 fell in love with. Legend has it that he brought some home as a souvenir and gardenias have since been known as one of the most romantic flowers existing. 

They work well tucked into a bouquet or placed in a low bowl as a centerpiece. A single gardenia looks wonderful as a scented hair accessory, corsage, or boutonniere. You can find them in three to four-inch blossoms or as a miniature variety. 

But always be gentle when handling them: the ivory petals are delicate and can get bruised quite easily. 

2. Roses

Well-known as being a symbol of love and beauty, roses make the wedding flower checklist every time. Even the most romantic writers and musicians have used the flower as a metaphor for beauty, passion, emotion, and true love. Roses are on every wedding flower list because they're far from boring and come in a variety of colors. 

You can find roses in solid hues as well as bicolor variations. There are striped and tipped roses for you to choose from as well. You'll find over 3,000 types of roses that are grown commercially, and tons that are available all year at surprisingly affordable rates. 

Despite roses being associated with luxe fragrances, not every rose has a distinct smell. Three of the most popular rose flowers for weddings are spray roses, hybrid tea roses, and garden roses. Each flower has its own signature quality and some don't have a scent at all. 

3. Calla Lillies

This elegant flower is also known as the arum lily, with its trumpet-shaped blossom. It originated in Africa and is symbolic of "magnificent beauty" among the language of flowers. The calla lily has a distinctive form that has been depicted in art deco works and art nouveau as well as 20th-century photography. These are definitely worth considering for your wedding flowers list. 

The two most commonly available types are a large-headed type with a long and smooth stem suitable for presentation style bouquets or tall arrangements. There are also miniature versions ideal for smaller arrangements and boutonnieres. The most popular color is creamy ivory, but calla lilies also come in dark purple, mauve-pink, orange, and yellow. 

4. Lily of the Valley

These flowers have tine bell-shape florets that dangle from a thin stem. Also known as "the ladder to heaven", the lily of the valley has a fresh scent that is unmistakable. They are most plentiful in the spring but remain available throughout most of the year. 

These might be the most expensive on your wedding flowers list, however. A less expensive alternative may be to use only a few stems to infuse a centerpiece or bouquet with its great fragrance and soft texture. Most people are familiar with the white variety, but these flowers also come in a very exclusive rosy-pink.  

5. Tulips

Tulips are known to represent "happy years" and "consuming love", making them very meaningful flowers for weddings. They're gown in a wide array of hues, including vibrant shades (purple, orange, red, and magenta), pastels (peach, yellow, and pink), white and cream. They're also available during most of the year. 

The most common tulips are affordable whereas rare kinds can be much more expensive. A versatile tulip can enhance both casual and elegant wedding settings while working well in almost any detail of a wedding. Three of the most common types are French tulips, Dutch tulips, and parrot tulips. 

6. Hydrangeas

These lush flowers come as a full bushy head in intense shades of purple, burgundy, blue, and pink. They're known to represent "vanity" in the Victorian language but we won't consider you vain for loving them! One of the most popular types of hydrangeas changes in color from light pink to soft blue as it grows. 

A couple of stems are moderately priced and worth it as they fill out arrangements and bouquets with ease. The scentless flower makes a charming boutonniere as well. You can find hydrangeas in white, pink, burgundy, blue, and shades of green. 

7. Peony

Known for its impeccable beauty and delicacy, the peony has a lusciously strong perfume and bold color. But aside from its outward aesthetic, the flower has the Victorian meaning of "bashfulness". Developed in Asia for over a thousand years, further developed by the French, the peony comes in multiple variations

The two main types are the tree and the herbaceous peony. A bouquet of solely peony flowers can be beautiful. It also makes for a gorgeous centerpiece and arrangement — you can also choose between single or double-flower styles. 

Build Your Ideal Wedding Flower List Today!

Not only does finding the right flowers for your wedding make for gorgeous photographs, but it also sets the overall tone of the day. What better way to take in the energy of love and happiness than with the best bouquets, centerpieces, corsages, and more? You'll brighten up the venue while making your guests feel comfortable once you have the perfect set of flowers all around you. 

Are you still having trouble deciding which to put on your wedding flower list? Check out our services so we can help make your wedding planning as easy as possible. And get inspired by more wedding flower materials on our blog — your perfect flower is only a click away!


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