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Throwing of bridal bouquets. A bit of history as to why brides throw bridal bouquets.

By Dinnia Means February 20, 2019

Throwing of bridal bouquets. A bit of history as to why brides throw bridal bouquets.

The reason for this time-honored tradition might surprise the heck out of you. I know I thought about what animals. The bridal bouquets were made of spices to ward off evil spirits and any bad luck. Legend has it that brides were considered to be good luck. Their guests would grab her dress, hair or flowers to try to have something of hers in the hopes of good fortune. This was a crazy tradition to obtain a keepsake from a wedding. I know how uncivilized.

Tossing of the bridal bouquets tradition gave the bride an escape. She was safe! Wow savagely attacked on your wedding day. I mean call a spade a spade, it sounds like that is what happened. I thought how does one prepare for this event. Jog through the castle (in a long gown none the less), the horror. I would have been a nervous wreck! Then some mastermind thought to create a throwaway bridal bouquet to toss to the guest. The guest would now have a piece of her good luck, and our bride was now safe.


The bridal bouquet the bride's secret weapon.


  • Bridal bouquets were thought to ward off evil spirits and bad luck.
  • Bridal bouquets were thrown to keep the guest from ripping off their dresses.
  • Bridal bouquets were used to mask very bad body odors.
  • Bridal bouquets were carried to signify fertility, loyalty, and a sigh of new beginnings.


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