A wedding! Here comes the bride down the aisle carrying her beautiful custom bridal bouquet.

A wedding! Here comes the bride down the aisle carrying her beautiful custom bridal bouquet.


Your special day is approaching are you ready? What exactly is involved in planning a wedding? Wedding customs differ depending on each culture and ethnic background, as well as one's social classes. A wedding is joining the love between two people confessing their commitment in front of loved ones and friends.  No matter the culture most wedding ceremonies have many things in common. The offering of rings to the bride and groom, flowers are used to decorate the event. Money is given to the couple to help jump-start their wonderful life together. These are symbolic gestures that make a wedding ceremony special.


Western customs, these weddings will share in traditional rituals.


  • It is customary to play music; many brides will play “here comes the bride” when entering the ceremony.


  • Brides will wear white and brides will carry simple wedding flowers. These custom bouquets vary depending on the bride's style and wedding theme. Today's trends allow brides to stray from the norm. Brides are opting rent beautiful wedding flowers to save on cost, their wedding dresses, and some brides are selecting to use sola wood wooden bouquets.



  • A marriage officiant officiates the wedding making the marriage legal. This person for western ceremonies may be a judge, clergy member, or justice of the peace.


  • Best Man, a special friend, sibling it can even be a woman. In their tux and custom boutonniere. He holds the wedding ring from safekeeping until the ceremony.
  • Maid of Honor, this honor goes to the brides best friend or sibling. In her chic dress and beautiful wedding flowers, she is there to make sure things go without a hitch.


  • Bridesmaids normally female friends, wearing the dress of choice for the day and carrying her bridesmaid bouquet. The job of the day smiles and support the bride on her special day.


These are important for any western wedding. Months in advance they are preparing for this special day. This is the day a special friend will say I do to their soul mate. Let’s all try not to cry. The wedding takes place, and everything is magical. The cocktail hour and reception to follow. Time to get this party started. To most invited guests this is what they have all been waiting for. Walking into the cocktail hour greeting by beautiful wedding flowers. Flower rentals for that matter genius on the part of the bride and groom. Wow rented custom bridal bouquets, wedding flower arrangements, wedding flower centerpieces. The stress-free and money saving way to create the wedding of your dreams. You rent everything else why not your flowers? Bridalbouquets.com luxurious faux flowers to own or rent.