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8 Unique Wedding Flower Ideas to Stand Out on Your Big Day

By Dinnia Means January 13, 2020

Every bride wants and deserves to stand out on their special day. Here are unique wedding flower ideas to ensure your wedding is truly one of a kind.

When you walk down the aisle together, a plethora of flowers will surround you with vibrant beauty. The tradition of wedding flowers dates back to ancient Rome, where brides wore flower garlands for new beginnings, fidelity, and fertility.

Keep the tradition while putting your own spin on it! There are so many creative wedding flower ideas to choose from!

8 Creative Wedding Flower Ideas

Color your wedding with every shade of you using gorgeous faux flowers! Choose a unique wedding flower decorè that will top off your fairytale ending and dazzle your guests.

Here are 8 creative ideas to choose from!

  1. When in Rome

Brides, do like the Romans did and wear the garland of flowers upon your head. The Roman brides would handpick verbena themselves for the headpiece.

But, you can stray from the ritual a little to make this your own. Pick a flower that speaks your name.

Everybody knows the rose as a flower of hopeless romantics. You cannot go wrong with this classic choice.

Lily of the valley, though, makes for a beautiful headpiece. In Norse mythology, they are the flower of Eostre, the goddess of springtime, and signify new beginnings.

Hydrangeas look delicate and stunning. They signify vanity, which a bride can be forgiven for on that day.

White will look elegant, red flowers will pop, or something blue will suffice the old age tradition.

If you want all in on this Roman custom, choose the 'tutulus' bridal hairstyle. Use a spearhead to divide the hair into 6 locks. Then curl those locks and coil them to the top of the head, leaving some fallen tendrils to drape the face and neck.

  1. Floral Falls

Create a space of whimsy at the end of the aisle with falling flowers. Simply stagger silk flowers from the ceiling on fishing line.

Hang each one from different parts of the stems. This will make it appear as if they are falling every which way.

It will look like flowers raining down around you! Choose shades that either match or beautifully contrast the bridesmaids' dresses.

  1. Flower Your Cake

Do not mistake this with putting flour into the cake, which must happen. Ask your baker to garnish the masterpiece with silk flowers.

They may appear to twist down the tiers until the wrap the bottom of the cake. Or, each layer may sit on a circle of flowers.

Maybe you just want a few tiny bouquets dropped on different parts of the cake to add a pop of color against the pure white frosting. However they place them, it will add elegance.

  1. Petal Shoes

Put silk flowers on the feet of your bridal party. Depending on how you adorn the shoes, it will make for a totally unique style.

For the flower girl, you may want to place the baby's breath around the straps of her sandals, to look innocently beautiful. For a sassy but classy look on your bridesmaids, hot glue a ranunculus to the side, where the heel meets the sole.

Decide again whether to match or contrast the color. If you match, choose a shade slightly lighter than the shoe itself so the flower stands out.

  1. Nightlights

Silk flower nightlights make the perfect flower decoration for your wedding reception. You can easily do it yourself for a decent price.

For the centerpiece of each guest table, place white Christmas lights inside of a mason jar. You can also opt for clear wine bottles sans the labels. Use short strands that run on battery power.

Place a bouquet of flowers into the top of each. Wrap the lights around the stems in the middle to both hide them and keep the flowers in place. 

To finish off the look, place a ring of wooden greenery onto the tablecloth around each nightlight. You can leave it as is, or place a few silk flowers spaced out along the ring.

They will glitz in the low lights of your reception hall. It will add just a bit more magic to your special night.

  1. Awesome Archway

The archway you will stand under for your vows and then walkthrough with your new spouse carries a lot of symbolism. So, do not skimp on this detail!

Many cultures see this piece as an initiation, while some view it as the home the couple will build together. As you walk through it as a wed couple, you enter into a new life.

For a larger than life feel, magnify your arch. Make it tall and extravagant with lots of greenery and large flowers.

You may choose to instead encircle your love with a floral ring. Walkthrough a gorgeously decorated piece into eternity.

If you want something more modern and trendy, opt for a frame with flowers. Build a 12' by 10' wedding-white frame and place a large, eye-catching silk flower bouquet into the corner for a picture-perfect shot of the kiss.

  1. Petal Drop

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? Then this might catch your fancy!

Fill a gigantic net with bright red silk rose petals. Hang it high overhead, where the bride and groom will say their vows.

Instruct somebody to pull the rope when they say their 'I dos". As you kiss your new husband or wife, a shower of petals will float over and around you.

  1. Wall Art

Nobody wants a bunch of wallflowers at their reception. Or do they? As long as it's wall art made of flowers and not just people standing around, it will make a stunning backdrop for photographs! 

Do not go crazy with color, or else people will just look lost in the bouquet. Pick one to three hues that match your wedding decor and have them completely fill a large, square wall space. Pastel roses work wonderfully for this.

Watch It All Bloom

When your wedding day arrives, watch in awe how it all blossoms into a spectacular scene. These unique wedding flower ideas will only enhance the beauty of it all.

We want to help you with all of your floral needs for this special day. Walk down the aisle with one of our bridal bouquets!


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