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5 Inspired Ideas For A Wedding Flower Wall

By Dinnia Means February 03, 2020

5 Inspired Ideas For A Wedding Flower Wall

5 Inspired Ideas For A Wedding Flower Wall

Looking to add a pop of color and life to your wedding? A flower wall is a perfect way to do it! Here are 5 inspired ideas for a wedding flower wall that wows!


If you haven't heard of a flower wall yet, you're going to want in on this trend. Flower walls have become increasingly popular throughout the past years. They're the perfect way to bring color and life to your wedding. 

If you're not sure what we mean by a flower wall, imagine this: a wall or section of a wall designated to a bundle of beautiful flowers. It's the perfect backdrop for photographs, for where you say your vows, and for whatever else you could think of!

Because flower walls are so gorgeous, they're a must for just about anyone's wedding or any other special occasion. If your wedding decor is feeling a bit underwhelming, or if you want to add more florals, then you'll want to consider different flower-wall ideas.

It's time to bring in some color to your wedding! Continue reading below for 5 inspired ideas for a beautiful wedding flower wall.

1. Hues of Pink Mixed with Greenery

If you're thinking that your flower wall must contain bundles upon bundles of flowers and nothing else, don't be fooled! Sure, bundles and bundles of flowers laid together to create a stunning flower wall. However, if you feel like you don't want to go overboard with the flowers, you can always mix in some greenery. 

Imagine green moss mixed in with hues of pink flowers. You don't have to rely on moss for your green touches either. You can use any type of greenery to mix in with your choice of colored flowers. 

Using flowers of varieties of pink is a great way to ensure they stand out within all of the greenery. Choosing to do a green flower wall is a good option for either inside or outside, but is an excellent option when planning a garden-themed wedding. 

2. An All-White Wedding

If your wedding has an all-white theme, then you'll want to continue that theme when creating your flower wall. All-white flower walls are just as stunning as colored flower walls, so don't feel obligated to throw in some colors if it doesn't go with your theme.

All-white florals on a wall make for a wonderful ceremony backdrop. Imagine the walkway leading up to your groom being covered in white flowers and ending at the base of an all-white wedding flower wall. This will make for some amazing photos of you saying your vows.

If you're worried that the white will clash with your white wedding dress in photos, you can always go with a more off-white shade and add in subtle touches of greenery throughout the wall. 

3. Several Walls with Color Variety

Okay, so flower walls are trending right now. There's no doubt about that, and you want to get in on the trend, but you want to be unique. How do you create a flower wall that'll impress all of your friends and family?

You need to do something that's not done too often. You need to consider creating several walls covered in a variety of colored flowers. Imagine walking into your venue on your wedding day and being surround by several flower walls. 

The feeling is similar to walking inside an enchanted flower garden. Flowers will tower over you and your wedding guests and everyone will become consumed in the beauty. When creating several different flower walls all for one area, it's a good idea to use a variety of colors, but stick to the same 3 colors or so. 

For example, you can choose to shower your flower walls in colors of white, pink, yellow, and purple! You'll use these same colors on each wall, bringing a wave of vibrancy to your wedding. 

4. Vertical Flower Rows

If you're more of a minimalist, then you'll enjoy this next flower wall idea. Not everything needs to be overdone. The design depends on the theme of your wedding and your own personality as well. 

If you like the more simple things in life, then consider creating a flower wall using vertical rows of flowers. To create this look, be sure to include flowers with long stems on them. The long stems will help in creating the verticle lines for each row. 

When the majority of the row is the green stem with a touch of color here and there from a flower on top, you're left with simplicity at it's finest. The end result is simple, yet no less gorgeous!

These add a sense of chic modernism to your wedding.

5. Lattice Flower Wall

When holding a wedding outside, another great option is to use a lattice flower wall. When creating a lattice flower wall, you'll want to use a bit more greenery. Have the greenery wind through the lattice effortlessly. 

Then, pair the green accents with light shades of pink and peach. This keeps the look fresh and airy. Don't hesitate to leave some room for the lattice to show through either. Keeping it peeking through in places is a bit shabby chic and rustic.

You may feel as though you must cover the entire lattice, but the lattice itself actually goes well with an outdoor or garden-inspired wedding.

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